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Why do we ride?

14 Jan

I was fat, broke and lazy. I’d lost any semblance of high school runner shape, several years of fried food and complete inactivity left me breathless trying to play disc golf with friends. Even attempting to squat to put away dishes in lower cabinets was beginning to become quite uncomfortable. Something in me started to realize that my condition was going to go one way or the other. I was either going to get in shape, or give up. Well, being broke, I bought a cheap fixie online and started riding a bike again. Continue reading


Biking 150 Miles

19 Jun

As some of you probably know, I am doing a bicycling fundraiser this summer. It’s the Scenic Shore 150, a ride from Mequon to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. I will ride 75 miles on Saturday July 21st, and 75 more miles on Sunday July 22nd. It’s a fundraising ride for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

In 1999, my wife Alicia lost a cousin to Leukemia, Dana Lichterman. It was a tough loss for her, her and Dana were pretty close. The loss hit the family in general pretty hard, and it prompted my late father-in-law Gary Zipperer to start a relay-for-life team called Dana’s Hikers for Hope. All throughout my relationship with Alicia the Relay was a part of our summers. A couple years ago, we were hit with the news that Gary himself had cancer, a rare form of carcinoid tumor. We ended up having over a year more with Gary than we thought we would, but he passed away in December of 2011. It was a pretty tough time, and still is, but we’re growing, and adjusting and relying on God.

This summer, I have re-discovered how much I love cycling. The freedom of biking has been amazing. I commute to work, do group rides and am even saving up for a road racing bike so I can race. When I saw the pamphlet at Chain Reaction Cyclery in Appleton, I knew that I had to do the ride. I know that it’s a different form of cancer, but it’s a way that I can use my own passion to hopefully bring good to others, and I am really looking forward to it.

In summation, I still need to raise some funds for the ride, by June 29th. Some of you have already donated, and thank you SO much for that, I really appreciate it! For anyone else, I would really appreciate any about you can donate. It does make a difference. If you feel so inclined, you can head to my website here to do an online donation, it’s the quickest and easiest. And thanks again for your support (=   http://wi.2012ss150.llsevent.org/adamkoenig

I’ll be sure to tweet updates when I’m riding so you can keep up with my riding progress!