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Devil Dancer, Founders Brewing Co.

17 Jan

Devil Dancer, what is a triple IPA anyway? You know, I am not entirely sure. I think that a reasonable description is a double IPA with the hops jacked a little bit and the malt jacked a whole lot. So what you get is an Imperial IPA with a lot of maltiness to balance an insane amount of hops. This flows through the three that I’ve tried, Devil Dancer from Founders, Molotov Cocktail from Evil Twin and of course Dogfish Head’s 120 Minute IPA (although not named a triple IPA). Could it be a gimmick? Of course. Do I care? Of course not. Continue reading


My first century

9 Jul

Well, since I finally got a bike with some gears it was about time to ride a century! Since I’ve been welcomed in by all the wonderful group riders here in Appleton, it’s been an interesting ride, pun intended (=

I’ve been given plenty of advice, as well as beers, rides and am getting a really great deal on a wonderful bike (who I have since named Gallafrey by the way). I heard about the ride on one of our weekly rides out to High Cliff State Park and decided it was time. We met at a park and ride at 5:30am, got the bikes packed up and headed up to Menominee for the Menominee River Century.

We had I think about 26 riders on what turned out to be a gorgeous day. We started out at a pretty easy pace as usual, and I even saved us from certain doom! Well, at least from a few miles out of the way. A couple of the signs weren’t exactly clear and we were so happy to be riding that we turned at the loop meant for the finish. Thankfully I was paying attention, and got everyone turned around. It was nice to be able to contribute. The first 60ish miles were pretty much a breeze, I felt beyond great. One of the rest stops had burgers, which was awesome; they also had some wonderful fresh peaches and cookies and everything. Miles 60-80 brought some new loops and scenery, and by around mile 80 I was feeling it. Susan asked me how I was doing and I responded “Well, I feel pretty much like I just biked 80 miles”. The last 15 miles or so are a slightly down hill stretch with a gorgeous tailwind so we picked the speed up to about 23-24 miles per hour.  I even managed to hang with a couple faster guys at about 85 miles in, pulling about 25-27 for a while. My legs blew up, of course, and I fell back to the pack, but it was an encouraging burst!

Even the weather cooperated perfectly, with high 70’s low humidity and perfect sunlight. I managed to build upon the crazy tan lines I’m crafting. Such is the life of a cyclist. Anyway, I felt pretty great overall. I was definitely feeling sore at the end, especially the backside, but it felt awesome to complete my first 100 miles. Around 84 miles I felt like Sam in Lord of the Rings when he tells Frodo, “this is the farthest from home I’ve ever been” (the most miles I had previously ridden in a day).

I’ve got a few longer rides coming up, including the Scenic Shore 150, Race the Lake and the Door County Century, and we’ll see what else pops up over the summer. In the meantime, keep riding and thanks for checking out the blog!

Beer review: Bell’s Porter

29 Jul

Well, here’s the 2nd reason I wanted to start this blog. I’m not a heavy drinker, but living in Wisconsin I have definitely developed a taste for beer over the past few years. I know I can be a bit of a snob, but I just really enjoy it, and the more I discover, the more I love. I am really leaning more and more into the craft brew side of the spectrum, especially after discovering local Green Bay breweries Titletown Brewery, and Hinterland Brewing. They make some amazing beers, and as many of you know there are some other wonderful breweries here in Wisconsin. I just can’t imagine sticking to the normal bud light, or miller light when there are so many options out there!

Now, I know I’m definitely not the only person reviewing beer, and I may not have all the language figured out, but I hope I can bring a little insight, and help you know where (at least in Green Bay) to find some quality brews!

The first beer I’m gonna tackle is Bell’s Porter. Bell’s is a michigan brewery, and I discovered them recently after having their Oberon in Minneapolis (a beer I will get to in the future!).

First, the design. I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge this aspect of enjoying a beer. I’m not going to turn down a beer based on poor design, but a good one does add to the experience for me. Bell’s Porter has a nice label, straightforward and simplistic. The colors fit the beer well, earthy and calm. I also enjoy the little ditty on the back “Enjoy it anytime, like now for instance”.

This Porter is truly a fantastic beer. It smells pretty malty, almost chocolatey, definitely enticing. Upon the first sip, it’s very smooth, fairly light for a Porter, but it really develops. The flavors roll around in your mouth, bringing hues of chocolate, nutty overtones and a slight hint of black licorice. It finishes with a slightly bitter aftertaste, and as with many porters and stouts I have enjoyed, it seems a bit much for the first couple sips, but once you get into it, the flavor builds until you realize the glass is empty, and you need another (=

Like I mentioned, it is fairly light for a Porter, but the great flavor fills the mouth, and the 5.6%ABV actually packs a decent punch. 2 of these is a great sitting, and will definitely last you an evening. Overall, if you’re looking for a great Porter that isn’t going to knock you down, but provide you with a great flavor, try this out! I found it at Festival Foods in Green Bay, and I’ll update with other places that I see it in stock.

And now for some photos (