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Lust, Bavarian Weiss Beer from St. Francis

10 Aug

Lust, St. Francis

Well it’s time for Wednesday Beerday! Up for today is Lust, a Bavarian style Weiss from St. Francis Brewing Co. I’m not normally a big wheat beer drinker, but I’ve been trying some different ones lately. I had Envy, the IPA from this brewery, and based on that, I’d try pretty much anything from them. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find Envy around to do a review.

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Milwaukee Brewing Company review: Polish Moon Milk Stout

3 Aug

Hey! This is the first review I have ever done for an MKE brew. I’ve had several of their beers, but only on tap, I never managed to buy a sixer or anything, and that’s a shame. I have not tasted anything from them that was short of exceptional.

Anyways, today we have their Polish Moon milk stout up for review. I have to start by saying that I am suffering through a summer cold, so my senses are not operating at %100, but I needed a good stout in me to help beat this cold (=

Anyways, this beer poured beautifully. I probably could have let it develop a bit more head, but what was there was nice and foamy, and this beer is dark! A gorgeous dark espresso color. The head didn’t linger much, but I kinda poured it thatway, so I won’t fault it.

The mouthfeel of this beer as great. I’ve only had one other milk stout (I’ll let you guess), and they’ve both had that extra creaminess, that really brings a great aspect to the thickness. It goes down smooth and soothing, mm mmmm delicious (=

As for the taste, it’s pretty good. It’s not one of the greatest beers I’ve had, but it is complex enough to warrant attention. I tasted chocolate, hints of coffee and chocolate in a delicious malty character.

It’s a good beer! I’d try it again, and would like to find it on tap sometime. With how many different beers I’ve had, and ones I like to try, I don’t know if I’ll come back to it, so I guess it doesn’t stay on the permanent shelf, but it’s definitely worth a buy if you’re looking for a stout with something a little different.






North Coast Brewing Co: Old Rasputin Imperial Stout

16 Sep

Well it’s that time again, time for a beer review! Man, did I pick a good one this time. I went to Ridgeview Liquor in Green Bay after work last week in search of a good stout to celebrate fall and I found a great one. North Coast Brewing CO.’s Old Rasputin Imperial Stout. This is one hell of a damn fine beer.

First off, the labeling is nothing short of awesome. It’s almost as if it’s saying “No beard, no beer”. Perfect.

It pours dark. As dark as it gets. There’s no seeing through this glass, no, it looks through you, asking if you’re ready. The head looks like a perfect creme on a shot of espresso, on top of that beautiful black liquid. As soon as that glass is full you know you’re in for a treat.

The aroma is not overpowering, but sure is inviting. You get a deep hint of roasted coffee and chocolate, just welcoming you. You can almost smell the 9% alcohol content. Even a little bit of molasses is present.

As far as mouthfeel goes, this is a pure stout. This beer is creamy, caramely, and just plain wonderful. Old Rasputin thickly pours into your mouth and rolls like an ocean of molasses, coating the entirety of your taste buds with a subtle power, and you instantly know how you’re gonna feel after drinking this.

The taste? Ohh the taste. This is the first Imperial Stout I have had, and all I can say is, wow.  You can taste stout. Stout flavor. Chocolate molasses and coffee, and the 9% alcohol isn’t overbearing, but you can taste the alcohol. It starts to pack a punch from the first delicious sip. Hops are noticeable, but this is a malty beer, full of caremelasses. It’s wonderfully bitter, a little bit of hops creeping in, but mostly losing the battle to the wonderful dark bread malt flavors.

All in all, this beer is awesome. I say with confidence that if you like stouts, you’re gonna love this beer. Go find it now!





Beer Review: New Belgium Ranger IPA

8 Aug

Ranger is probably an overdue beer for me to review, so here it is! New Belgium is one of the best selling craft breweries in the country, and I think they’ve earned it. I am really excited for the day when I get to head out to the beauty of Colorado, and take the tour. It goes without saying, that if your logo is a bicycle, you’ve already won my heart (=

For starters, I love the label of Ranger, it’s very simple. Green is also my favorite color so I’m a little biased, but hey. I also love seeing the fat tire bike anywhere and everywhere.

Ranger pours a very clear golden with nice visible carbonation. When I say clear, I mean it, this beer has no haze, it’s a color that feels crisp. I find that a lot of beers tend to be stronger than they smell, but Ranger is a bit of the opposite. The smell is good, but it doesn’t slam you with hops right away, it’s a bit of a more gentle introduction. You can smell hops for sure, with the light earthy and citrus aromas, but you don’t get a total hopslam. I get a little caramel as well.

The taste of this beer is great. It has a great flavor, hoppy with a bit of caramel, and not a ton of bitterness. It brings the hops, but not overpowering, it’s pretty pleasant. The mouthfeel is good as well, somewhat gentle, it seems to roll around in the mouth as if the feel is mimicking it’s crips golden color. I think the aftertaste could be a bit more bitter, but it fits with the rest of the beer very well.

All in all, Ranger is a great IPA. It’s not my favorite, and it’s not intense, but it’s very pleasant. I think it would be a good option for those who aren’t looking to get hop-slammed. It’s a great all-around beer though, really satisfying. Go buy some and drink it. For real.