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Hinterland Brewing review: Luna Coffee Stout

14 Feb

Well, it’s time to review a beer style that surprisingly does not usually rank well for me. I live for coffee, and am a stout freak so I always think this will be a perfect combo, but many times it does not seem to go that way. Often times they fall short in the body and just seem real watery and thin to me. We’ll have to see if Hinterland Brewing surpasses the average. Hinterland, if you didn’t know, is a fantastic little microbrewery in Green Bay Wisconsin, right down the street from Titletown Brewing Co. Two wonderful places to get some great beer within walking distance of each other. Continue reading


Blueberries! Weekend at Louie’s, a review.

10 Jan

Weekend at Louie’s

Well, as much as I don’t care for sweet things, I have been known to enjoy some fruitier beers, as long as they are tastefully done. Today I’m checking out MKE Brewing’s Weekend at Louie’s, a blueberry amber ale. Continue reading

New Belgium Review: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale

4 Jan


Well, today on the blog after a long hiatus, I am reviewing New Belgium and Ben & Jerry’s current collaboration, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale. I’d been searching for it for a while and sort of accidentally stumbled upon it. I was at Fox River House in Appleton (a most fine establishment) for our an annual resolution ride. You know, ringing in the new year with bikes and beer as is apropo, and there it was on tap. I was so excited I had two, and then found it at the local grocer! You either love this one, or you hate even the idea of it, so what could make for a better review? Let’s get to it! Continue reading

Product Review: Giant Surge

15 Jun

Hello beer cyclist followers! It’s been a long time! How were things for you while I was away? I’m happy to announce that I have finally emerged from the ‘let’s be depressed and hate ourself’ rock that I crawled under like 2 years ago. Whew, about damn time folks!

Anyway, more on that sprinkled into future posts, today I am going to talk to you about shoes! Yes shoes! Don’t worry, it’s apropos to the site, I’m talking about my new cycling shoes.

I was recently given the opportunity to try out a pair of Giant Surge race shoes from my wonderful bike shop, theRecyclist. For the past 3 years, I’d been riding a pair of the most basic Body Geometry shoes from Specialized. Not bad shoes, but I was in for a shock.

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point, but often times when I get new gear I am surprised at how much of a difference it makes. Shoes are most assuredly no exception.



The first thing I noticed about these shoes is the fit and the comfort. I kind of expected racing shoes to be uncomfortable, but these fit wonderfully. They way the BOAs are set up makes the tightening of the shoes holistic and balanced. I do have fairly wide feet, so finding shoes that fit me well is difficult when not considering performance. The one thing I have noticed after putting about 500+ miles on these shoes is that my big toes do get scrunched. To the point that I don’t think I would wear these on a century or anything, but I totally think that’s okay, the comfort up to the 50-70 mile range is great for this style of shoe.


Giant is working with a sort of new technology with this shoe, and it’s the part I cant really speak much about as I don’t have much with which to compare. The bar on the bottom is supposed to provide torsional flex and improve pedal efficiency. I can’t say how much of a difference it makes, but the shoes are certainly stiff, yet move enough to not be painful to wear. At high speeds and while racing it’s good to not even think about what’s on my feet. The power transfer compared to my old Body Geometry shoes is staggering.

I would definitely recommend these shoes to other racers. Again, I don’t have a lot to compare, but the performance I’ve experienced is substantial.






The Beercyclist

1 Oct

Hello friends!
Due to a lack of technical management on my part, I forgot that this blog existed. Err, yeah. I started a new one, and when I did the process of transferring all of my content to my new site, the beercyclist, I kind of assumed this one wouldn’t work.

This thinking was really stupid, because I didn’t deactivate this site, or even remember to redirect my url. So ahhh, yeah. I have actually been updating pretty consistently and doing some awesome beer reviews!

I just wanted to let anyone who reads this know, that in the next couple weeks I will be redirecting the url straight to the beercyclist, and adam rides bikes will be no more. (= It’s very similar, only I have my own domain now, I actually post all the time, and I have more freedom on Plus, the name is cooler!

Thanks for following!

Just a quick update

26 Aug

Hello there loyal readers! I am just posting this really quick for two reasons.

1. I am sorry for the lack of updates lately, the reason is number

2. I am planning some exciting changes for the near future! I’ve been doing some mad scientistry err research
and hope to unveil some new stuff pretty soon. Don’t worry, it won’t take away from what I’m doing, I think it
will add to it, and be an encouraging project!

You stay classy, the internets.

Galen’s first trip to Door County

27 Jun

Allow me to interrupt our regular broadcast for something a little different. It just so happened, that Alicia and I shared our day off this week. Usually it doesn’t work out that way, but since we both had the middle of the week free, we decided on an impromptu trip up to Fish Creek and Peninsula State Park seeing as we purchased a state park sticker recently anyway. Other than me forgetting a knife to cut the potatoes, plates, forks, and the butter, it was a pretty smooth day (=

We spent some time walking, getting ice cream,  running around in the bay, laughing at Riley eating plants and mostly just chilling out. In the midst of a tough financial time it’s nice to take a day to spend with your family and remember what’s really important. While we are dealing with issues as everyone is, we are amazingly blessed and I am so grateful for this wonderful dorky family of mine!


Aww man, I look like a dork. Seriously, where’s my hair going, and why is it in such a hurry?



















Thanks for looking (=