A Classic, Yuengling Lager

27 Jun

Well, up on the docket today is the famous Yuengling Lager. For some reason, Yuengling is a very sought after beer. I think it probably has something to do with being the oldest brewery and whatnot. They’ve been brewing since 1829! I don’t always put stock in wikipedia, but there’s interesting history if you care to read more. But when you can’t get something, it becomes that much more desirable, and here in Wisconsin it’s a bit tough to come by. My wife used to work with someone who was a huge fan of Yuengling, and I tried one a few years ago, but when my boss told me he was bringing some back from Maryland, I jumped at the chance to review it.

Yuengling pours like most lagers, crisp and clear. A fair amount of head was present though, looking great behind Homer’s skull. It’s a fine looking lager.

On first inspection of the aroma I get a strong yeasty presence. There’s maltiness, and it smells like a lager, but there’s not much complexity here. Not bad, just not a whole lot going on. A refreshing aroma if nothing else. This smells like a nice simple refreshing brew.

The body is typical for a lager, light and thin, but not too watery with basic carbonation. It has a bit of substance, doesn’t taste like I’m drinking beer flavored H2O. I find this refreshing, but I’m also not overwhelmed with love for it either.

The taste is okay, but honestly I was expecting more. I try to be as unbiased as possible in these reviews, and I admit that I bought into the hype a bit. I don’t think it quite lives up. It’s not bad, but I actually prefer PBR for my regular ‘cheap’ beer. I’m definitely not going to be making any trips out of state just to grab more.




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