MKE Brewing: Hop Freak

15 Jun

Man I just can’t get over how many amazing beers you can get in this state! MKE Brewing Co. has created another wonderful specimen with Hop Freak, a rishi tea double I.P.A. I tried this one out while at Houdini’s Escape Gastropub in Appleton, and just had to grab some for a review cuz it was so delish.

It comes as you will see, in this beautiful can with a cool green monster on the label. What awesome packaging! I love the green guy made of hop cones. Classic. It pours nice too, with a splendid inch of thick off white head. The core color is a bit hazy, and a nice bright color. It’s mostly golden with a touch of amber and it seems even an orangeish hint if you get it in the right light.

The aroma is pleasant and subtle. Light hops are present, citrusy and slightly tart with floral tones. It’s a good smell for sure. The aroma leads nicely into a smooth medium body. It has substance, but isn’t too thick for an I.P.A. Hop Freak has a good presence of mouthfeel.

The taste starts off easy enough, with subtlety, and the 8.7% is not immediately apparent. The flavor is decently complex and leads you in for more, this is one of those that gets better and better as you drink it. Hop Freak hits you with a good dose of hops, citrus and floral tones, and holds your attention with complexity and deliciousness.

I’m a big fan of this beer. I really like the 16oz. can, it’s a perfect amount and I’m really digging the way hops are so fresh from cans. Get out and find Hop Freak. It’s perfect for this amazing hot weather!


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