Hinterland Brewing review: Luna Coffee Stout

14 Feb

Well, it’s time to review a beer style that surprisingly does not usually rank well for me. I live for coffee, and am a stout freak so I always think this will be a perfect combo, but many times it does not seem to go that way. Often times they fall short in the body and just seem real watery and thin to me. We’ll have to see if Hinterland Brewing surpasses the average. Hinterland, if you didn’t know, is a fantastic little microbrewery in Green Bay Wisconsin, right down the street from Titletown Brewing Co. Two wonderful places to get some great beer within walking distance of each other.

Anyway, on to the beer! Luna (which is named for the local DePere coffee shop where the coffee to make this beer is roasted) pours a deep brown, even the light penetrates not its depths. A dark tan head abides, this is one dark beer. Whew. I can see bubbles rising around the rim so I know the carbonation is there, but in the center it’s like an abyss.

I poured it and moved away for a bit to set up my computer, and the aroma just wafted up to me like an open bag of fresh espresso beans. It’s like a dark roast coffee with hints of yeast and open ovens. I actually think the initial aroma of this beer may be its strongest feature.

My main complaint with the coffee stouts I’ve tried is that for some reason the stoutness fails to hold up to the coffee flavors. This one is pretty decent. It is a little thinner than I like a stout to be, but it’s definitely not watery like some of them. It was a nice mouthfeel, medium thickness I’d say, passable.

The flavor of Luna Coffee Stout is pretty good. I mean it’s coffee, malty and bread. It’s a fine example of the style. Like most stouts, the richness of it comes out more as it warms up a bit. I don’t really notice any alcohol, it’s a milder stout, very drinkable. Quite tasty.

I do think this beer is pretty dang good. It’s just not really my type. I guess I am too picky with coffee beers, I’ve only come across a couple that I like. But if you like an accessible easier drinking stout with a bit of delicious coffee flavor, than stop looking. Hinterland has made a great offering.


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