Oskar Blues IPA

31 Jan


Well, today it’s time for another beer that I’ve never tried before. In fact the only Oskar Blues beer I’ve had is Dale’s Pale Ale. That is a pretty dang good beer, so we’ll see how this IPA measures up.

Oskar Blues’ IPA pours a very clear gold, looks much like a lager.Some reviews I read claimed it was hazy, but this one had no trace of that. Decent bubbles, and a substantial creamy off white head, probably partially in part from being poured out of a can. Leaves a sticky resilient lacing, most impressive.

A piney floral hoppiness is apparent straight away. It’s a good subtle smell, even if my nasal passages are a bit relinquished at the moment.

Looks are indeed deceiving! This is pretty thick for a standard IPA. Wow, I may even go so far as to use the word stalwart. You will taste it, it demands your attention. The mouthfeel is full of hoppy bitterness and perfect carbonation.

It kind of tastes like drinking a pine tree that is punching you in the bitter taste buds. It’s a hoppy onslaught with a mild malty background that leaves you a little destroyed in the wake of deliciousness.

Whew, what a beer. I wasn’t expecting this, I must say. It’s thick, bitter, hoppy and in your face. This is a great IPA all around. It’s like a burlier older brother to Dale’s Pale Ale. Both are delicious, and I’m going to have to review some more Oskar Blues beer. Wow. Drink one now.


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