Brutus, an MKE Brewing review.

25 Jan


Man, just seeing this beer makes me happy. It makes me think of the song by The Hives. If you haven’t heard it, go look it up. Anyway, Brutus is an American Strong Ale, one of my favorite styles, pretty excited for this one.

First, Brutus pours a strong copper red color, with a thick creamy tan head. Solid looking strong ale, seems to have good bubbles as well. It’s a fine looking strong ale.

A good strong ale aroma as well. I get strong maltiness with a good hoppy background. A more earthy smell with a bit of sweetness thrown in, doesn’t seem real bitter. Maybe some toffee, raisins and a bit of floral hops.

Oooh, this is smooth. 51 IBUs flows nicely, a nice medium to thick body full of caramel maltiness. It’s a perfect thickness for a strong ale, delightful, with a bit of strength sort of looming within.

You really don’t even taste the 8% alcohol, an achievement for this style. It’s quite good, a less expensive alternative to the Arrogant Bastards of the world. Brutus is a great tasting strong ale, bold and smooth with great toasted caramel maltiness and a piney hop backing.

This is a good one. American Strong Ales are quickly becoming one of my favorite styles. It’s like we’re finally catching on to what the amazing Belgians have always been the best at. Each brewery tends to bring their own character, and I’m pumped to find some more!


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