Blueberries! Weekend at Louie’s, a review.

10 Jan

Weekend at Louie’s

Well, as much as I don’t care for sweet things, I have been known to enjoy some fruitier beers, as long as they are tastefully done. Today I’m checking out MKE Brewing’s Weekend at Louie’s, a blueberry amber ale.

I decided to go all the way and chuck a couple of blueberries in for affect, why not? This is a great looking ale, pure golden color with copper hues and good carbonation in the center. The head is stellar as well, super thick and creamy, a tan color.

The aroma is definitely sweet, really sweet. Blueberry is immediately apparent, but some of that is probably the blueberries that I tossed in. Still, the aroma is very sweet, and at this point I’m wondering if this is going to be unbearably sweet to the taste.

Well, I’m not really that impressed with the body. It’s a bit watery for an amber ale. I guess part of it is high expectations, but it doesn’t have that much thickness. The carbonation is good, nice and bubbly, but there’s not much for support.

As for the taste, it’s not too bad. I think this beer would work well as an after-activity beer. More of a refresher when it’s super hot out. As a ‘chilling at home dissecting flavor’ beer, I give it a meh. The blueberry flavor is there, so that’s no problem, but there’s not much else in it. It’s really sweet, this isn’t like a hint of blueberry, this is Kung Pao: Enter the Fist that’s a lot of blueberry. And I know dropping three berries in the bottom didn’t give it super blueberry powers.

All in all, if you enjoy fruity and sweeter beers, you will love this. It’s done well for that sort of person. If you enjoy a good ale with just a touch of fruity flavor, stay away from this one. But hey, it’s good to know that there really is a beer for everybody!


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