Lust, Bavarian Weiss Beer from St. Francis

10 Aug

Lust, St. Francis

Well it’s time for Wednesday Beerday! Up for today is Lust, a Bavarian style Weiss from St. Francis Brewing Co. I’m not normally a big wheat beer drinker, but I’ve been trying some different ones lately. I had Envy, the IPA from this brewery, and based on that, I’d try pretty much anything from them. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find Envy around to do a review.

But back to the Weiss! Lust pours a pale yellow, that’s actually pretty clear for a wheat beer. I don’t think this is a Kristallweizen, probably just the pour. If you notice in the pictures, I am drinking this out of the wrong glass, but my wheat glasses are for like 24 oz, so pouring a 12 oz. bottle just looks really strange poured in those things.

The lusty aroma is exactly as one would expect in a Bavarian Weissbier, biscuity and malty with a good sweetness. It’s a great smelling beer, rich and full. The smell is just about enough to win me over.

The mouthfeel, wow, this is pretty dang good. Full, but not overly thick, it is very smooth. I love the consistency of this beer, perfect for summer nights, as is the taste.

The flavor is nothing mind-blowing, but your basic Weissbeer isn’t supposed to be venturing into lands not explored. Lust is a great representation of the style, malty and bubbly, refreshing and delightful.

Like I mentioned, I’m not typically much a fan of wheat beers , but this breaks through my hesitation. Let it be said, I am always open to different beers, and I will try to bring an open mind to every beer I drink and review, even when I hit up the major conglomerates that I rant against. Take my Budweiser review for instance.

Anyway, I put my “I don’t really like wheat beer” attitude aside and just enjoyed this beer. It is quite delicious in a perfectly simple way. Wheat beers do not typically have a complex flavor, and that is part of their beauty. It can be difficult to take such simple ingredients and make them taste amazing, but St. Francis have done an exemplary job. If I feel like a wheat beer I’m most likely going to reach for a pack of these. I’m looking forward to doing a review of their Envy IPA in the future (= Stay tuned!





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