Next Door Brewing: Kaleidospoke APA

19 Jun
beer review from appleton

Beer in a bidon cage!

Could there be a more fitting name for an APA for me to review? I don’t think so. I’ve seen a few of Next Door’s beers at the store, but this is the first time I’ve tried one and once again, Wisconsin beers continue to bring a strong front.

Kaliedespoke pours a darker bronze color, fairly hazy with a rich tan/beige head. Good looking beer, medium fizziness.

Kaleidospoke has a sweet aroma, like a brown sugary caramel underlined with a slightly piney hoppiness. It’s a well-balanced inviting bouquet, nothing too intense or bold. Not to say boring, but that it should be a drinkable and accessible beer, can be difficult to do as this style tends to be a bit hoppy for some folks.

Wow, the aroma is actually a bit misleading, this beer is better than the smell would indicate. Again, the aroma was not bad at all, but the taste is even better. Kaleidespoke has a good mouthfeel, a bit low on the carbonation but that’s a good thing, it is really well balanced.

The flavor is great. It is pretty balanced, but still does a good job of showcasing it’s hoppiness. The sweetness in the aroma hangs around in the background without really coming forward, and the bitterness is prevalent more in the aftertaste. It’s a pleasing aftertaste. This is a pretty good representation of the style. I would definitely recommend this, anytime anywhere. But of course, after a bike ride is always the best time!





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