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The Beercyclist

1 Oct

Hello friends!
Due to a lack of technical management on my part, I forgot that this blog existed. Err, yeah. I started a new one, and when I did the process of transferring all of my content to my new site, the beercyclist, I kind of assumed this one wouldn’t work.

This thinking was really stupid, because I didn’t deactivate this site, or even remember to redirect my url. So ahhh, yeah. I have actually been updating pretty consistently and doing some awesome beer reviews!

I just wanted to let anyone who reads this know, that in the next couple weeks I will be redirecting the url straight to the beercyclist, and adam rides bikes will be no more. (= It’s very similar, only I have my own domain now, I actually post all the time, and I have more freedom on Plus, the name is cooler!

Thanks for following!