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Just a quick update

26 Aug

Hello there loyal readers! I am just posting this really quick for two reasons.

1. I am sorry for the lack of updates lately, the reason is number

2. I am planning some exciting changes for the near future! I’ve been doing some mad scientistry err research
and hope to unveil some new stuff pretty soon. Don’t worry, it won’t take away from what I’m doing, I think it
will add to it, and be an encouraging project!

You stay classy, the internets.


Lagunitas Brewing: Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale

5 Aug

This beer is classified as an American Strong Ale, which in itself speaks to a bit of defying style. If you’ve ever had arrogant bastard ale from Stone Brewing (review coming if I ever find the stuff), you know what I mean. It’s a bitter strong style, seemingly meant to separate the proverbial men from the boys if you will. It’s beer for real beer drinkers dammit!

Sorry, I had to say that. The brewers who make this kind of stuff have such a wonderful spirit, I must continue in it. And to back that spirit up, they make phenomenal beers. This one is of the variety.

It pours a beautiful color with this perfect little head. I seriously had to pause a moment when I was taking pictures, and just admire the color! It’s a dark golden amber, clear and as rich as a color can be. It just screams “Savor me!”.

The smell is strong, but doesn’t really let you know entirely what’s coming. It’s thick, and hoppy with a bit of spices present.

How do I describe the taste… it wells up. You roll it in your mouth and start to feel the strength, and then when it goes down you just get crushed with flavors and awesomeness. The mouthfeel isn’t really thick per say, but it is present. It is smooth feeling, and bitter. Real bitter. I know IBUs aren’t everything, btu this one comes in at 74, and with an ABV of 9.75%!  It’s not all that hoppy though, not like an IPA, I mean you can taste some earthier spicy hops, but it is more about the sense of bitterness and well balanced malt flavor. The bitterness doesn’t wreck the flavor, but does a great job of enhancing it.

I’ve gotta say, I want to find more beer like this. I love how American brewers are taking classic styles and melding them with others and creating whole new categories. I don’t know about you, but an American Strong Ale is something I want to drink. There’s something to be said about respecting tradition too, but I really love the new pioneering in the craft industry these days, and breweries like Lagunitas and others are right there pushing the envelope.

Thanks for continuing to read my blog, and take some time to do yourself a favor and enjoy one of these bad boys sooner rather than later. De-freaking-licious.





Milwaukee Brewing Company review: Polish Moon Milk Stout

3 Aug

Hey! This is the first review I have ever done for an MKE brew. I’ve had several of their beers, but only on tap, I never managed to buy a sixer or anything, and that’s a shame. I have not tasted anything from them that was short of exceptional.

Anyways, today we have their Polish Moon milk stout up for review. I have to start by saying that I am suffering through a summer cold, so my senses are not operating at %100, but I needed a good stout in me to help beat this cold (=

Anyways, this beer poured beautifully. I probably could have let it develop a bit more head, but what was there was nice and foamy, and this beer is dark! A gorgeous dark espresso color. The head didn’t linger much, but I kinda poured it thatway, so I won’t fault it.

The mouthfeel of this beer as great. I’ve only had one other milk stout (I’ll let you guess), and they’ve both had that extra creaminess, that really brings a great aspect to the thickness. It goes down smooth and soothing, mm mmmm delicious (=

As for the taste, it’s pretty good. It’s not one of the greatest beers I’ve had, but it is complex enough to warrant attention. I tasted chocolate, hints of coffee and chocolate in a delicious malty character.

It’s a good beer! I’d try it again, and would like to find it on tap sometime. With how many different beers I’ve had, and ones I like to try, I don’t know if I’ll come back to it, so I guess it doesn’t stay on the permanent shelf, but it’s definitely worth a buy if you’re looking for a stout with something a little different.