The Scenic Shore 150

30 Jul

Well, it’s over for this year. I completed my ride last weekend, and it was a great one! Saturday proved to be quite windy, but I managed to maintain a pretty good average for the century ride. On Sunday, I met up with some awesome folks who were moving at a pretty good clip, and we averaged almost 20 miles per hour! We got a little splash up from the road on sunday, but otherwise, the only actual rain I felt was on saturday during lunch.

It was quite a difference from last year, weather wise. I remember getting sprayed with a garden hose at the last rest stop last year, and this year we were practically looking for blankets! It was nice weather, but definitely much colder than last year. I also want to say, that the volunteers for this ride are spectacular. Every single person I encountered in both years of this ride has been so positive and helpful, it really makes me want to keep coming back. They carry our bags to the trucks, cheer us on, greet us with huge smiles; it’s really cool to be treated like that for a weekend. Thank you guys so much!

All in all, LLS has almost raised their $1,000,000 goal, and are still hoping to hit it by August 16th, I’ll update if they do, but either way, I am going to be doing the ride again next year and hope to break my $380 mark from this year! And now for some iphone photos (=




Props to the guy who rode the 150 on this beast!








It was raining on the way home, so I took advantage of the empty parking lot.


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