Samuel Adams: Whitewater IPA

11 Jul

   It’s been too long since I’ve posted a review, but I’ve been lazy )= Getting done with doing a long ride at night, I often feel like just crashing and not putting one of these up. I’m getting there though, and I really want to tackle more with this blog. I’m even thinking of doing some local interviews, research stuff, who knows. 

In any case, today I am reviewing Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA. I really do like Sam Adams, but sometimes I think they make too many beers. It seems like they always have something new, and they are usually pretty decent, but I wonder if they made less variety if they could really make them great. 

There’s not a whole lot to speak of with the label on this one, it’s nice and subtle, sticking to the Sam Adams way. The rapids are a nice touch though.

It pours a golden amber with a pretty decent head and ample carbonation. The head isn’t incredibly resilient, but did stick around for a bit. It’s a pleasant looking beer. 

The aroma is quite sweet, fruity, hints of orange and a bit of spiciness with a nice hoppiness present. The taste follows suit, pleasant balanced hoppiness and the spice and apricots advertised do come through. It’s an interesting melding of two flavors, a Belgian White Ale and an American IPA. The wheat gives it a lighter character that brings a solid vibrant mouthfeel. While drinking I could really taste dried fruit, almost even felt the crisp texture. The mouthfeel isn’t too thick, but has a nice malty strength to it.

Overall it’s a pretty good beer. It doesn’t fall into the amazing category or anything, but does bring a little uniqueness to the IPA variety if not anything groundbreaking. I don’t know if I’d buy it in a six pack, but it sure works in a mix six!







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