Blue Moon: Rounder Belgian Pale Ale

19 Jun

I got another pick-six-pack this weekend, and the first up on the docket is one my wife picked out for me. She usually finds me some great stuff, and as she is not a beer drinker I love when she’s excited about picking for me.

The original blue moon was one of my staples when I first started drinking beer. I’m sure I will eventually do a review on it, but Bells Oberon will be up first, and probably next on the blog if I don’t get to Two-Hearted.

I gave this particular Blue Moon departure a fair shake, but it didn’t impress me very much. It was refreshing enough, but just didn’t really break above average.

It poured well, a nice medium to dark amber, with a small head that dissipated pretty quickly. I didn’t get a whole lot form the aroma, a light hop smell, bit of citrus and hints of the spice from the hibiscus. Not a bad aroma, but not very strong either.

The mouthfeel is what I think dropped this beer a bit for me. It was pretty watery, and didn’t have the nice malty backing that good pale ales tend to have. It was just a bit weak.

Taste was decent enough though, it had good balance, a little spiciness and fruitiness. Maybe I just needed an orange like the classic, who knows.

Overall, I proabably would pass on a six-pack, but if you’re a real blue moon lover then give it a shot. Thanks for reading!




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