Keeping an open mind: Budweiser

5 Jun

Well, in an effort to expand and show that I am not a complete beer snob, I’m doing a review on a mass marketed domestic beer. We all know how much Anheuser-Busch owns of the beer industry, so that’s my biggest beef, getting the little guys to sell out. I have had the original Budweiser, Chzech-Var at Kurtz’s in Two Rivers, which is actually pretty tasty.

When I first started drinking beer, I never really wanted to drink many domestics. I guess I was biased from the start, and I don’t even know why.It was probably mostly from being completely turned off by the advertising. I mean, back in the day, the frogs made me laugh as much as anything, but the empty promises made by mass beer just really turned me off. Especially now with the whole light beer being manly thing going around. I’m not saying it isn’t manly, if that’s your poison, fine, but don’t tell me that only real men drink light beer, that’s a load of crap.

But anyways, off the soap box, that’s not why I’m here. I planned on giving the “King of Beers” a fair shake and I have.

First off, the label is a classic. It speaks of elegance and history and is really quite beautiful. The colors are striking, and it’s a well packaged product. But come on, of course it is (=

It pours a very clear yellow-ish gold (into my wonderful Homer glass, which I found quite fitting, all things considered) with a pleasant amount of head which dissipates in just a few seconds. Smell is simple, slight hops, barley, maybe a little rice comes out, but it pretty much has the typical pale lager aroma, not much complexity, but it isn’t bad either.

The mouthfeel is fairly watery, there’s no strong caramel smooth backing, but there’s nothing wrong with it, it just doesn’t have a lot of depth. The taste too is actually mostly pleasant. I wasn’t really disappointed at all. Again, there’s no real complexity, but to be fair that’s not what this beer is even trying for. It’s a decent pale lager, maybe a bit too fizzy, but well balanced overall. It’s a good flavor though, consistent and quite refreshing to be honest.

Overall, I probably won’t buy more very often, but that’s more a reflection on the mass production than the beer itself. In no way is it an awful beer. It does exactly what it sets out to do, refreshes and gives a widely accessible simplicity. And as much as I hate seeing breweries succumb to the AB-Inbev empire, if they get new people to start drinking beer who then move on to bigger and better things, I’m fine with it. So go ahead, crack one open with a few buds (= It’s sure affordable if nothing else.



Thanks for stopping by (= Let me know what you’re drinking!


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