So I’m spamming myself to sell some bikes (=

2 Jun

Well, I found a bike. Ummmmm, it’s a really really good deal, and I am trying desperately to come up with the necessary cash. It’s even my color. Yeah. So I am selling two bicycles, and have listed them on craigslist.

One of them is my red Firenze GL5000. I noted in a previous post that I have given up work on this bike, but taking it for a test ride today, it’s really not a bad bike. I cleaned it up nice and it actually rides pretty well. The deurailler needs some tweaking, as it has issues with the small gear in front, but it shouldn’t be a big thing. The chain is clean and there’s no rust to be found anywhere. I thought it looked better without the fenders and rack, but they come with and are easy enough to put back on.

I’m asking $75 to start, but come take a look and make me an offer, and we’ll see what happens!






The second bike is my old mountain bike. This one has stories behind it, let me tell you. It’s a 1996 frame, and the frame itself is still in great shape, with only a few nicks in the paint. I got this bike in high school and on a really rainy day after a cross country meet, I sort of daydreamed off and ran into the back of a parked car. OOF. The car was fine, and no one cared much, but my bike was another story. The fork was shot, totally bent. This leads to the one glaring problem with this bike that you’ll have to deal with.

My friend put a set of shocks on it, but the for doesn’t quite fit. I’ve been told all it needs is a spacer, so it may be an easy fix for someone with know-how. The brakes are perfect, I mean they are sharp, as well as the shifters. The tires also are still in really great shape, and they are pretty decent tires. The crankset is meh, could use replacing, but the bike still rides and shifts. I’m asking $75 for this one as well, but again, negotiating is fine. Oh, and it comes with a really sweet set of lights a friend gave me. They light up greenish-yellow and are great for night-time visibility. I really just want to get a little closer to that gorgeous Bianchi that’s never going to leave my dreams (=




Thanks for looking, and if you know anyone interested, please pass it on.




3 Responses to “So I’m spamming myself to sell some bikes (=”

  1. Alex June 21, 2013 at 1:07 am #

    I’ve recently acquired a firenze gl5000 for free and im thinking my best bet is to clean it up regrease it n sell it on craigslist :-)I. Im wondering how much yours sold for?? I like your blog by the way!

    • Adam Koenig June 21, 2013 at 2:25 am #

      I wound up getting 70 bucks for it, good deal I think. I really just cleaned it up, as long as there’s no rust you’re good. Oh and I changed the handlebar tape, it was gross. It’s not a bad bike, just too dang heavy.

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