Flying Dog: The Snake Dog IPA

10 May

If you didn’t know, Ralph Steadman is the artist for the whole Flying Dog beer brand. He’s most well known for his work with Hunter S. Thompson, which you can probably tell just by looking at the bottles. In other words, the design on Snake Dog IPA kicks butt. It’s pretty brutal and awesome, and really in my opinion is unfortunately probably the best part about this beer.

The Snake Dog IPA is my first foray into the Flying Dog brand, and it won’t be my last, but that’s mostly due to my curiosity. I really wasn’t all that impressed with this one to be honest with you.

It started off with great potential, especially after the design. It pours a nice dark amber color with a pretty fine looking head on top, and decent carbonation. The smell is great as well. It has that hoppy strength that good IPAs are known for, with piney and floral hues. It’s a really solid aroma, and got me pretty excited.

Upon taste, it took a while for me to adjust. It was a decent taste, but it really seemed to be bitter just for the sake of bitter. I love my bitterness, but there’s something to having a balance, and this beer just left a hanging block in my mouth that was hard to be rid of. About 2/3s through, it got a little better, but wasn’t really helped by the mouth.

It really had a fairly watery feel, which I didn’t expect given the malty backing in the aroma. It didn’t have a lot of depth, and that caramel never really showed up to balance off the bitter hops.

All in all, I may have this beer again, just to give it another shot, but only if I decided to do a sampler pack or something (I actually got this one in a pick-6). I was fairly underwhelmed though, and really hope that the next offering I try from Flying Dog stands up to the amazing artwork from Steadman.









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