Dude might be dead, but he makes a great beer

2 May

Well it’s time for another great beer to review. A couple of weeks ago actually, my wife and I went our to lunch after my son Galen’s baptism. We went to Glass Nickel Pizza, which is awesome by the way. They have superb food and a plethora of beers to choose from, bottles and draft. I felt it would be great to try a mai bock with my pizza, and it turned out to be a wonderful choice.

I haven’t tried much from Rogue before, but I have seen some fabulous brews while perusing aisles. For instance, they have a maple bacon stout! Yikes. I gotta try that one sometime. But anyways,

The Dead Guy Ale.

With a name like that you’re setting up for something legendary. It sure starts out that way, with a sweet label. The type, the skeleton, and the bright gradient of colours make for an ominous presence. It’s hard to even be objective with a label this good.

It poured a nice amber colour, like a lighter brown ale. It presented a decent head, nice and lightly bubbly with the body mostly clear. A fine looking beer, this one.

The smell didn’t disappoint either, a light hoppiness drafting up amidst a caramel background, with a hint of spiciness as well.

Upon tasting this, I quickly realized that I need to drink more Mai Bock style beer. This one is most certainly a gem. The mouthfeel was beautiful, rich and creamy, rolling like caramel.

The taste is fantastic as well, everything the aroma promised and more. It was a great complement to pizza as well. A hearty maltiness carries the flavor. It has a little bit of bitterness, but is balanced by a sweet caramel and somehow manages to have a little spiciness at the same time.

Overall, get this beer. I don’t say that about a ton of beers, but seriously this is a must try. It may be a little pricier than the average six-pack, but it’s worth it.

Dedicated of course, “to the rogue in each of us”





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