A wonderful classic, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

25 Apr

I won’t lie to you folks, Sierra Nevada is definitely one of my favorite breweries. I have loved every beer I’ve had from them, and I mean loved. This though, the pale ale, is something of genius. Their more adventurous varieties are wonderful, but the classic pale ale is a really phenomenal beer. In a world where limited releases and crazy high ABV beers are reigning, a beer like this that works on a more simple basis is needed. I like to be well rounded with my beers, and not just stick to the intesne IPAs, though I love those.

First, I really like the Sierra Nevada logo. It’s just classic, and the Pale Ale bottle is wonderful. The green along with green fields just speaks to how refreshing and enjoyable this beer is.

It pours a nice light golden amber, pretty clear. It poured with a nice thick bubbly head, not real deep, but nice. Medium carbonation is present, not a ton of bubbles, but a good looking amount.

The aroma is similar to an IPA but more subtle, with hints of grapefruit and pine, with a nice caramel backing.  It smells of hops, but it seems well balanced, and this comes through in the taste.

Upon taste, the tartness of the grapefruit is present, and the caramel smoothness balances the bitterness. It’s a great balance actually, the bitterness balanced by a slight caramel sweetness makes for a perfect combination. It doesn’t overwhelm either sense, but rolls wonderfully. The mouthfeel then is as smooth as you’d imagine given this balance. It is full, but beautifully smooth, I mean just perfect.

My overall assessment? This is one hell of a fine beer. Damn. It doesn’t pound like an IPA, but it also isn’t wussy either. I know I talk a lot about balance, but with good reason, as I think life is all about balance. This beer does absolutely everything a great beer does. It soothes, fills, cleanses and invigorates. You could do much worse than drink this on a very regular basis, and I’m definitely going to be bringing this to bonfires all summer long. It’s a staple, and I’ll tell you this: if you can’t figure out what you want to get, just go ahead and make this your default beer, I’m sure as hell making it mine.






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