Goose Island 312: Urban Wheat Ale

23 Apr

In all honsety, I don’t drink much in the way of wheat beer, but in the interests of expanding my tastes, I decided to do a review on this much favored Urban Wheat Ale from Goose Island. I’m not going to get into the politics much, but I honestly don’t know if this beer has changed at all since the brewery switched from being a local Chicago craft brewery to being owned by the largest beer company in America. I have had Goose Island before the change in ownership, but that was before I really critiqued beer much, and can’t say much about the topic. If you have a take on this, I’d love to hear from you though! Hit me with a comment, or email me, what have you. I really enjoy the labeling of the 312. Obviously the Chicago skyline is present, hence the Urban proclamation. The logo is very minimalist and classy,  I am not always a fan of using type vertically, but it really works in this case. The yellow is also a nice choice, it seems to mesh with a wheat beer, and echoes the color of beer well.

First, the pour. It poured a clear golden, with a slight haze. I didn’t get much head at all when I poured it, so that may be an anomaly, but it did look to have a decent amount of carbonation, nice little bubbles popping up.

312 has a nice wheaty smell to it, with a definite orange citrus presence, a nice lightly fruity tones. It’s a subtle but very enjoyable aroma, implies a perfect beer for a warm spring early sumer afternoon.

The taste is quite refreshing. much like a light fruitier ale with the slight thickness of a wheat beer. This is definitely lighter than the usual fare that I enjoy, but it’s a good beer. It started out a bit sour, but really evened out about halfway through, I really njoyed the subtle fruity taste, it tastes of oranges and citrus, but it’s not overwhelming. As for the mouthfeel, it was nice and smooth, just thick enough,as I mentioned. It fills, but is an easy drinker for sure.

Overall, this was a pretty god wheat beer. Again, I don’t know if the taste has changed at all, but from this sampling, I can’t really say that Anheuser-Busch ruined it or anything like that (as much as I kind of would like to). If you’re looking for a nice warm weather sipper, you can down a couple of these while grilling out, and be quite refreshed. I may even pick some up to have after bike rides (=






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