The weirdest April ever: photos of the spring ice storm

11 Apr

So, it has nothing to do with biking or beer. I’m sorry. Sue me if you must (= But I do love photography, and this blog does relate to the environment in which I find myself, and I regularly bike in this area so I’ll allow it. Plus, it’s my blog and you’re here anyway so hey! Thanks for coming (=

If you’re from Wisconsin, you know that our springs tend to be not very springy. Most of the time winter turns everything into a slightly warmer slushy mess that transitions mysteriously into summer, basically skipping ‘spring’ entirely. If you are not from Wisconsin, this is part of why so many Wisconsinites go crazy and wear shorts and t-shirts in april when it’s 45 degrees out, and others complain relentlessly around this time of year that it’s still so cold.

Well this year has been really weird. We had a thunderstorm last night, (not that odd for Spring) and then shortly after the temperature dropped rapidly,  freezing basically everything. I mean everything, roads, trees, blades of grass, cars, power lines etc. The result is a city coated in absolute pristine beauty. This beauty comes at a high price however. I mean that quite literally, I saw some very expensive damage today. The insurance claims are going to be skyrocketing. Large branches have fallen everywhere due to the extreme weight of the ice.

I think it’s ironic the way nature works. It does something so devastating, possibly fatal to some, if a tree fell in the right place; yet it does it with such beauty. The way the trees glimmered white was enchanting, and I couldn’t help but stare, and become conflicted with the stark contrast of beauty and destruction. I typically speak about these things with pictures, so I’ll stop blabbing and show some, photos that is, of something the likes of which I really have never seen before.

























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