New Beer Review! New Belgium Rampant Imperial IPA

1 Apr

It’s about freaking time! I’m actually posting a beer blog! To be fair, this is the first time I’ve bought myself beer in… oh gosh I don’t even know. All our money has gone to preparing for baby Galen and whatnot. We got a little extra and I really needed to treat myself this past week so I splurged and got a 6-pack! Wow!

So, New Belgium, Rampant. An Imperial IPA from this popular brewery. New Belgium isn’t my favorite brewery, but they have brewed some pretty damn good ones. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Enlightened Black Ale, and Fat Tire is, well, fat tire; but they hit the ball out of the park with this one. I still have to get my hands on some more Cocoa Mole, that stuff was out of this world. But anyways,

They stick with their traditional labeling on this one, simple picture with the title in bold exclamatory text. I really like the contrast with the green and the red of the logo. The picture is just a large hop cone, so you know exactly what you’re sipping into. This beer pours a beautiful golden copper, with a nice thick white head. It actually had the thickest head of an IPA I’ve ever poured. It stayed thick throughout, and there is a lot of bubbling going around as well, and it was nicely carbonated.

The aroma was wonderful. I think I was tainted a bit by the fact I haven’t had much beer lately, but even after a few now, the smell lifts me to another world. It has a fruity tint, almost a tart aroma that came through in the taste. Maybe a little bit of pine in there, and you can smell the hoppiness and know this beer is going to be bitter.

Upon first taste, I was pleasantly surprised at the bitterness. It’s balanced well with the maltiness, providing even a little sweetness. I was instantly struck by how balanced this beer is. It was wonderfully bitter, but didn’t punch me (even though I enjoy that sometimes). No one sensation takes over, but they all work together. It definitely has a citrusy, slightly fruity taste with a hint of that tartness and even a hint of spicy pine. It’s delicious… and smooth.

I drink a lot of high ABV beer (well so far the highest is 9.2, but ‘m getting there), and usually can taste it, but this beer is smoooooth. Wow, I mean it went down so well, I didn’t taste a hint of alcohol. I felt it a bit, but the flavor just rolled right over it. I was overwhelmed by the caramel-like smooth feel. And it leads to a fantastic finish. I just feel delicious after drinking it. I definitely don’t need more than one, I’m getting pretty sleepy (= I definitely plan to get some more of this to sip at the end of a nice long hot summer day of biking and hanging out with my son. This is a beer with which to celebrate.

All in all, this was honestly one of my favorite beers. I would even rate it probably in my top three to five. I was very impressed. With the smoothness and the balance it just blew so many plain IPAs out of the water. It’s an Imperial, so it has its kick, but man is it a pleasant one. Try this one. And soon, preferably after an event worthy of some great beer.






2 Responses to “New Beer Review! New Belgium Rampant Imperial IPA”

  1. burnthemaps28 April 2, 2013 at 3:47 pm #

    Almost bought a six pack of this one last night, but I didn’t! Upon reading this, I’m having second thoughts…

    • Adam Koenig April 2, 2013 at 3:53 pm #

      you should! Then let me know what you think (=

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