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New Local Product, Check it out!

16 Jan

Hello everyone,
so one of the things I wish to do more this year is update my blogs. I am currently working on deciding how my content may be evolving, but in the meantime I wanted to take a moment to try and support the product of an acquaintance of mine.

Brian Davis is a racer here in Appleton, and friend to Mark Desjardin, of group ride fame (= These guys really gave me some great help this past summer when I started getting into cycling. They helped me on the group rides, gave me advice, and were some of the many people who welcomed me to the sport.

Brian is starting a kickstarted to promote his new product, Fix it Sticks, and I just wanted to show my support. This is a really cool tool, and if you bike at all, think about helping a local idea get off the ground!

Go check out the Kickstarter!Ā 


So everybody put your best suit or dress on… 2012

1 Jan

Well, here we are.

It’s the start of a brand new year, and I am for the second year doing something that I hope will continue for the duration of my life. I don’t make ‘resolutions’, but I try to make statements about where I am and where I’m going.

Last year at this time, I had no idea where things were going. I was confused and distressed, but ultimately giving it up to my Lord and Savior, and gave Him 2012. I had some fairly grand plans, and you know what. Most of them happened. Wait, what?

Yeah, most of them happened. 2012 was an extraordinary year. Alicia and I have gone through some deep financial struggles, and a lot of wondering but overall, this year was pretty awesome.

~We got pregnant! It was our last year in life without having kids! This is such a blessing I can’t even describe. I know it will change us and bring new wonders/difficulties, but we are facing it head on and can’t wait to meet our son in March!
~The Appleton church plant is going really well! We have made some great new friends and started to develop a really awesome church family, and are hopeful about reaching the Fox Cities with the gospel.
~I started what has been my favorite job. Harmony Cafe has been good to me, and I’ve met so many awesome people there, and really started to learn more about myself. I also learned that I can make kick-ass lattes! Come order one from me sometime!
~ I got super into cycling and wound up losing about 40 lbs! I gained some of it back this winter, but not for long…
~I rekindled my love of photography and have re-embarked on getting a business going. I still have no clue what I’m doing, but I’m doing something, so hopefully it will go somewhere. How specific is that?

So here’s to 2013. I have some plans and am gonna share them with you! Feel free to ask me how they’re going!

– I will become a dad, and work to be the best God fearing, bible reading role model of a man I can be for my son.
– Alicia will experience her first real mother’s day, and I’m gonna make it a special one.
– Alicia and I will have our 5 year anniversary (holy crap), and it’s gonna be one to remember.
– I’ll book 3-4 weddings this summer, and start to get my business exposure back on track and actually start to generate some extra income.
– I’ll stick with LAMP (my seminary courses), and hopefully get most of my homework done.
– I’ll continue to work my butt off at Harmony and be the best leader I can to my friends there.
– I’ll continue with cycling, and ride the Scenic Shore 150 again, hopefully raising $1,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
– I will redefine this blog (more to come on that soon), and try to post if not once a week at least 3 times a month.
– I will pay off some small loans, and gain traction on a desire for my wife and I to purchase a house in 2014!

I realize that I started most of these observations off with an ‘I’. This does not mean I think I can do this on my own. My trust is first in God, and then my wife and my family and friends for their support. Let’s make this a year where we openly support each other, and remember to tell people what you think about them. Tell them that you love them even if they already know it. Tell them they’re doing a great job if you think so, even if they know it.

This is gonna be an awesome year folks, trials included. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!