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by request… Beer Review: Rolling Rock

12 Apr

Well, I got my first request to review a beer. I know I probably could have waited, but any excuse to review a beer is a good one for me. I’ve had Rolling Rock before, but never really sat down to try and appreciate it.

The first thing I’ll mention is probably expected, that is, it’s owned by Anheuser-Busch. It used to be put out independently of Latrobe Pennsylvania. A-B bought it in 2009, and while I don’t remember when I’ve had it, to the best of my online searchings it really hasn’t changed much. I normally don’t expect much from A-B, but considering who recommended it I gave it my full attention.

I do love the design. While I read something about the green glass being a negative, I kinda like it. I love the fact that they print on the bottles, I am always a total sucker for printing on glass bottles, makes the printmaker in me all giddy inside! On that note, there is some real interesting lore following this beer around. The horse for one, and the 33 for another. The 33 printed on all the bottles apparently has a ton of theories describing it. 1933 being the year prohibition was started, also that the beer was started with money from a bet made on a race horse #33. I don’t know, and it seems no one does, which is cool.

Anyway… on to the beer. It’s your typical American style light-lager. Sort of. I’m generally pretty cynical with this type of beer unless it’s PBR which has won a place in my heart. But RR isn’t too bad.

It pours a very clear light gold with a thick white foamy head that dissipates quickly. Aroma smells, well, like a pale lager. It has a bit of lightly hoppy citrus scent, and an almost nutty hint, but I think that was my nose being weird.

The taste is actually rather pleasant, very light, but good. If you compare it to the deep thick hoppy IPAs and Porters I like to drink it doesn’t hold up, but that was never its intention. It’s meant for kicking back in the summer with some buddies and a grill, and I think it meets expectations, respectively. It has the regular tastes you’d expect, no real bitterness present, no real solid aftertaste, when it’s swallowed it’s pretty much done.¬†What did stand out to me though was the body. It feels really silky and smooth, sits well in the mouth, in general has a pleasant texture.

All in all, Rolling Rock is not a bad beer, there are definitely worse out there. I’m not going to lie to you, it won’t be my first choice in the beer cooler, but it won’t be my last either. It definitely feels like a beer that would be great after a long summer bike ride.

I have now had this right after a long bike ride on a hot summer day, and it is indeed extremely refreshing under said conditions (=


150 Miles

10 Apr

Well, I’m going to get a bit personal on the bog today. You may or may not know, but my family has been struck by cancer a couple of times. More specifically my wife’s family. In 1999, Alicia’s cousin Dana passed from Leukemia in her lymph nodes. Alicia was really close to her, and it was quite a blow to her whole family. Alicia’s dad, my father-in-law Gary started a Relay-for-Life team in her honor “Dana’s Hikers for Hope”.

A couple of years ago, Gary was diagnosed with cancer. He had a rare form of carcinoid tumor affecting his colon. I don’t know all the details, but we ended up having a full year more with him than was expected, but he did pass this least year, not long before Christmas.

People react to cancer in different ways, forming relays, starting foundations. I have finally found a way to do some small part on my own. This summer I am partaking in the Scenic Shore 150 2012. It’s a 150 mile bike ride over the course of two days, starting in Mequon, WI and ending in Sturgeon Bay, WI. It’s put on by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I think it’s cool that I get to do something I love, and raise money to fight something horrible.

I have to register yet, but this is something I’m committing to, and I will have to raise at least $300 in order to participate. I’ll post updates of my training, and if anyone wishes to contribute let me know and I’ll get you the necessary information. Here’s to a whole lot of bike riding (=

New Bike Pump!

5 Apr

So I spent my gas money on a bike pump (=
Especially with how many flats I’ve gotten from not having my tires pumped at quite a high enough PSI I thought it was time. I’m commuting to work now, and yeah. It was necessary.

I guess I should clarify. My wife Alicia and I have just undergone a move to a new city! We are now in Appleton, Wisconsin. If you don’t know, it’s just a little bit from Green Bay. It’s a great place, real bike friendly, lots of great restaurants and coffee shops. I am actually working at Harmony Cafe now, which is a part of Goodwill in Wisconsin. Plus, our new place is only a 12 minute commute by bike. Awesome.

I know it’s a little silly to get super excited over a bike pump, but this thing is frikkin awesome! I actually have a pressure gauge now, and it goes up to 160 PSI. Sweet.

It’s a Fuji, I don’t know the model number, but it has a smart head, a.k.a. it does both presto and schrader valves. No adapters or anything. Slick.



Getting Lost

4 Apr

There’s something about getting lost on a bicycle that’s entirely different from getting lost in a car.

Well, I can’t say I was really lost, just took a wrong turn on my way home from work, really no big deal. In any case, it’s amazing how much different my attitude is.

Little bit of honesty, I have a bit of an anger problem at times. It really comes out when I get lost while driving. I get upset… than I get mad. And , lastly I get furious and whiny and stupid. It’s ugly.

To be perfectly truthful, when I get lost behind the wheel it’s probably me at my worst; swearing, pounding the wheel, cursing the skies. Yeah. Ugly. Cuz when I get lost in a car, all I think about is where the next exit is, and how much longer it’s going to take me, and what if my E tank runs out before I find a gas station.

Biking is a whole different story.

Tonight on my way home I turned too early, and I wound up flying down a hill. 3 minutes later as I was walking my bike back up that same hill I thought about how calm I was that I couldn’t find another way across the river. I found a way not to take home from work. I explored the riverfront, felt the wind in my face, and the fact I had gone off track was nothing but pleasing to me.

I felt at my best, like I was an explorer, conquering the world on two wheels a chromo-steel frame and some chain links. I didn’t care about getting home, just about finding another hill to pedal down and feel wind in my face.

There’s something about getting lost on a bicycle that’s entirely different from getting lost in a car.