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Torn pants and a stack of books

14 Jan

I’m bored and don’t have any new beer at the moment, so I figured I’d just post a photo of my current reading materials (=

I did go on a bike ride the other day! It was pretty eventful actually. I got home from work and a meeting, and figured I would brave the 30 degree weather to get a few minutes of riding in. Halfway through, it was getting dark and all of a sudden I realized I wasn’t wearing my helmet! Yikes, plus my helmet is a Bern (review coming soon) with this awesome winter insert. D’Oh!

So while I was climbing a humungous hill by my house I decided I would go home and get said helmet and continue my ride. Only at the exact moment I thought of this did the pants I was wearing remind me that they were way too baggy to be biking in as they caught in my chain and tore halfway up my leg and brought me to an amazingly abrupt stop.

So I’m sitting on the side of the road with my torn pants stuck to my cycle looking like a complete flake trying to unhook myself as every inch I move, the bike moves with me, preventing me from reaching the crank wheel. I eventually unhooked myself and made it home holding my pants up with one hand so they did not get re-stuckinated.

Moral of the story, be prepared. I gotta get some better pants. Anyway, enjoy the picture of my books… or don’t. It’s not required.


New Glarus Black Top: “Drink Indigenous”

6 Jan

Well, I am working with my wife on changing our diets, and eating healthy. I’m doing The Abs Diet, and am working towards the six weeks and am going to see how that works. I do need to figure out how to work beer into this diet though. Obviously with my aspirations of being a home brewer, and even writing this blog, cutting beer completely is not an option. Well, this Black Top is the first alcohol I’ve had this week period, so I figure if I only drink enough to keep the blog going I’ll be good.

I’m really looking forward to the day when I can showcase my own beer on here, and document the process, don’t worry it shouldn’t be too long (=

So anyways, on to the main event!

New Glarus: Black Top, an american style black india pale ale. Wow. Black IPA’s are a relatively new beer, and are just starting to gain traction in the beer world. I am a fan of everything New Glarus, and had to try this out when I saw it on sale.

First of all, I love the hand-drawn style of New Glarus’ labels. They have a solid continuity between all their beer labels, and I think it adds to the allure. I love the big bubbly letters of Black Top, to go with the big flavor, and the road floating off, like some hidden mountain pass.

This beer pours real nice and thick with a small creamy head that dissipates quickly. It smells hoppy, with deep mollases overtones, hints of chocolate and coffee and a little bit of the citrus that often comes with an IPA. The texture is very smooth,and brings a nice bitterness, but stays smooth and crisp throughout.

The taste is phenomenal, it’s the first BIPA I’ve had, and it brings wonderful dark flavors to the normal citrusy hop. The taste is rich, with hoppy molasses, and chocolate with just a hint of that citrus. This beer combines the dark malty flavors common with a stout and the hoppy bitterness of an IPA, all in all a wonderful flavor combination.

The finish is also wonderful, keeping the bitterness but not lingering too long or being overpowering. It’s a solid aftertaste, finishing off the beer the proper way.

I highly recommend this beer, I know people love IPA’s as a summer beer, but this really goes well in the cold weather, I love having bitter hops to warm me in the cold weather. Final analysis=amazing. I love hoppy beers, I love the rolling bitterness, this one doesn’t overwhelm and it definitely does not disappoint.

Firenze: GL5000, project bike

3 Jan

Well, I purchased a ‘new’ bicycle. I was at Goodwill on the west side of Green Bay, and found this Firenze for $20. After some internet research, they’re not the greatest frames in the world, and apparently some shops don’t like working on them, but for 20 buckaroos I don’t mind putting some time in. I need some more practice with derailleur and general tweaking, so it should be a fun little project to keep me busy. I believe the first step shall be taking her apart and doing a thorough cleaning, I’ll post more pics when I get there. Thanks for looking.

So this is the new year and I don’t feel any different

2 Jan

The 2011 Koenig Family Post-Christmas Photo
well, another year is in the books and to be honest it wasn’t a great one.

I made more mistakes in 2011 than in many years of my life combined. I became jaded in many ways, bitter at the lack of value of my education and inability to find a job, i became convinced of my own insufficiency and lost passion for many things I once cared for. I neglected relationships, and sabotaged business experiences because of fear, and simply feeling overwhelmed.

At times I trusted God, and other times I couldn’t see where on Earth he was taking me, while circumstances spiraled and I lost control of everything I remembered that I had no control.

I feel like I know myself less now than I ever have, I no longer have any idea what to do with myself, what my purpose is, why the heck I’m taking up space on this Earth. I have these talents that I’ve largely squandered and I have absolutely no idea what use they will ever serve.

I am more glad to close out this year than I have been for any year before, I’m throwing 2011 into the burn barrel and trying to figure out how to rise from the ashes, but the Phoenix never has to figure out the how, but then again I’m no phoenix.

All I can do is repent, pray for renewal of my Faith, and state what I hope is going to happen. I’m not going to make resolutions, because I am not going to keep them, and I am not going to say I won’t struggle with depression or never be jaded again, because I would simply be lying to myself.

Here though, is what I am going to try to make happen this year,
my prayer for 2012

my wife and I will move to Appleton.
we will begin the adventure of finding a base for a church plant in the fox cities
i will raise support to start a youth-pastor/church plant intern
i will find a job wherein i can keep my beard and continue to give my sundays to the Lord
i will save up and buy/build the lego Tantive IV
i will continue my LAMP seminary studies and write a ton of papers
i will make new friends and reconnect with old ones
my wife and i will see God work in new ways in our lives and grow closer to him and to each other
i will start my adventure in learning how to be a home brewer
alicia and i will get healthy(er)
i will actually blog, and try to garner some followers for once
my wife and I will travel to either colorado or florida and spend some quality time together on our anniversary,
we will also drive to indianapolis to participate in the packers superbowl festivities.
i will continue to realize what a horrible sinner I am and keep hope in the fact that I have no control, but the creator of the universe does.


Here’s to a better year than the last.