I’ve had it with these…

3 Jun

Mother f***ing IPAs at this mother f***ing brewery.
By Listerman Brewing Company.

This beer gets an A+++ for name and design. I mean, seriously, Samuel L as Vincent. With a Lightsaber? With snakes? On a plane? Yup. I almost want to travel to Cincinatti just to take a visit to the brewery!

‘I’ve had it’ pours a thick pineapple yellow body with a creamy thick gorgeous head. It has that thicker than orange juice appearance, really looks good in the glass.

The aroma is great too, some floral hints, with a fruity, lightly citrus backing. Definitely has hoppy character, but not overwhelming.

This is where it does a bit of a switch-a-roo on you though. You start to think it’s just going to be the light easy drinking hazy, and then Bam! HOPS! Yeah, delicious hops. The flavor starts with tangy and tart hop flavor, hints of grapefruit and then turns into a delightfully bitter finish. Damn, Zed wishes he could get a taste of those hops.

The mouthfeel is great as well. It looks creamier than it actually tastes, which isn’t a bad thing. I kind of enjoy a bit of a fakeout, if that’s what they were going for, I don’t know. But it’s great, solid carbonation, and very smooth.

I picked this up as a single can at Niemuth’s Market in Appleton, so I don’t know how easy it will be to find, but if you see it, grab it. Quite a delicious brew.

Bell’s Brewing Company: Oktoberfest

20 Oct

Well, I decided to go right to left in my photo of Oktoberfest beers. Mostly because I had a moment of photographic inspiration upon looking at the label and remembering what our neighbors tree looked like. I’m really not much of a landscape photographer, so this is the one way I could think of to capture some of the beautiful fall color we’ve been having.  Continue reading

Potosi: Stingy Jack Pumpkin Ale

13 Oct

Today on the blog, Stingy Jack from Potosi Brewing Company! I know I’m supposed to be doing Oktoberfest beers, but I have another one I have to stick in here. It’s just what I felt like drinking, I haven’t had any pumpkin beers yet this year. In fact, I think I only had like one last year. There are so many dang beers to try, even just in Wisconsin.

For starters, I love the character on the label. Almost Jack Skellington havin’ a beer. Nice. As for the beer, Stingy Jack pours an orange-copper golden color with a creamy half inch of head that faded to a thin line in about 3 minutes. There was no haze, and it had a very light presence of bubbles in the center, a pleasant looking beer.

The aroma is pretty standard fare for most pumpkin beers. A presence of pumpkin pie, a little bit of nutmeg, with that malty backbone and a hint of caramel. It’s a good smelling beer, pretty standard.

This is a real nice mouthfeel, a good ale presence, with ample carbonation. It feels like fall, I don’t know how that makes sense, but whatever. It has solid body and goes down real smooth.

It’s funny, having been on an Oktoberfest kick lately, this one brings a lot to mind of that style. It really tastes like an Oktoberfest with some pumpkin-y spices brewed in. Stingy Jack has a solid body, is very drinkable, low on bitterness, and finishes smooth. All throughout there’s a nice backing of that pumpkin fall goodness. It has a little sweetness, but it really stays more in the background and doesn’t overwhelm. Good pumpkin times!


Cigar City Brewing: Jai Alai IPA

9 Oct

Jai Alai IPA from Cigar City Brewing has been on my list for quite some time, and it appears they have just started distributing to Wisconsin! I got my six pack of cans at a Binny’s Beverage Depot in Chicago, but I just saw it at Festival Foods! Our selection is ever expanding, maybe someday we can hope for some Heady Topper? We shall see.

Continue reading

Oktillion: Ale Asylum’s Oktoberfest Lager

7 Oct

Back to it again! Oktoberfest is technically over, but it’s time for an onslaught. I have a total of seven different Oktoberfest beers to review, and I’m going to tackle them all over the next few weeks. For starters, this week we have Ale Asylum’s Oktillion Oktoberfest Lager. Continue reading

Dogfish Head: 60 Minute IPA

29 Jun


Well folks, in the spirit of keeping up with the blog and the various media platforms, I’ve got another blog this week! A little bit of housekeeping, go over to the sidebar and follow me on instagram and like me on facebook if you want more content. My instagram is more than just beer, but I don’t do all food and kid photos (=

Anyway, Today it’s on to another Dogfish Head IPA, the 60 Minute variety or what I guess would be the classic IPA. I believe that the 60 Minute was the first of their continuous hopped IPAs, thus the minute designation. They add hops for the duration of the boil. So far, I like the 90 Minute best, but we’ll give 60 a chance, I’ve heard it’s quite good.

I’m learning, that regular IPAs are pretty clear, while their double brothers tend to be significantly hazier in nature. 60 Minute pours a clear gold, almost lager color, with a heart of copper coloring. There wasn’t much head to speak of, but a nice little ring held on for most of the session. Minimal lacing left on this one.

I’m having a hard time with the aroma on this one. I am getting over a cold, but I’ve been able to smell the other brews I’ve had recently. 60 Minute IPA does have a piney smell that’s lightly detectable, and maybe some very light tropical fruit hints. The mouthfeel is decent, good for an IPA. It has a medium body, good carbonation. It’s solid so far.

60 Minute’s flavor profile is piney hops with a little fruity tartness. It’s well balanced and definitely not a hop monster, though the hops are present. It’s a good flavor, nothing crazy. This seems like the kind of IPA you’d give someone who hasn’t tried many IPAs, or claims not to like them. 60 Minute is a good representation of a classic IPA, a delicious refreshing beer, that is just a solid beer. No gimmick, no craziness, just good beer. It’s no 90 Minute, but of course, it’s only 60.

A Classic, Yuengling Lager

27 Jun

Well, up on the docket today is the famous Yuengling Lager. For some reason, Yuengling is a very sought after beer. I think it probably has something to do with being the oldest brewery and whatnot. They’ve been brewing since 1829! I don’t always put stock in wikipedia, but there’s interesting history if you care to read more. But when you can’t get something, it becomes that much more desirable, and here in Wisconsin it’s a bit tough to come by. My wife used to work with someone who was a huge fan of Yuengling, and I tried one a few years ago, but when my boss told me he was bringing some back from Maryland, I jumped at the chance to review it. Continue reading

MKE Brewing: Hop Freak

15 Jun

Man I just can’t get over how many amazing beers you can get in this state! MKE Brewing Co. has created another wonderful specimen with Hop Freak, a rishi tea double I.P.A. I tried this one out while at Houdini’s Escape Gastropub in Appleton, and just had to grab some for a review cuz it was so delish. Continue reading

Dogfish Head: 120 Minute IPA

11 Jun

Well, I’ve got several reviews stacked up, so after another hiatus of buying a house and moving my whole family, it’s time to start publishing them. They won’t be in order of when I drank them or anything, but you don’t really care, do you? Anyway, next post will be more about biking, for now it’s on to the beer! Continue reading

Hinterland Brewing review: Luna Coffee Stout

14 Feb

Well, it’s time to review a beer style that surprisingly does not usually rank well for me. I live for coffee, and am a stout freak so I always think this will be a perfect combo, but many times it does not seem to go that way. Often times they fall short in the body and just seem real watery and thin to me. We’ll have to see if Hinterland Brewing surpasses the average. Hinterland, if you didn’t know, is a fantastic little microbrewery in Green Bay Wisconsin, right down the street from Titletown Brewing Co. Two wonderful places to get some great beer within walking distance of each other. Continue reading